Autism and Me

A little info about autism and me.

a photo about me with flames and smoke and feathers draped over my shoulders

I’m Lilith, I am lifelong mystic and a recently diagnosed autistic. I’m not an expert on autism, but it is now my latest special interest. I have learnt so much about autism and me by reading other people’s inner experiences. People have said that what I write about my experiences has been useful for them, so I thought I’d share some insights about my journey in this blog.

Having a diagnosis of autism is a profound experience and I’m feeling my way through. Writing and generally geeking out about my inner experiences is one of the ways that I learn. While autism has become my latest ‘special interest’, I also geek out on other aspects of the human brain such as neuroscience, psychology, and consciousness. As a result of these lifelong obsessions, I am a psychotherapist and a teacher of mysticism.

I’ve written a book about the psychology of magick and spirituality. This also comes as an eBook.

I’ve also made an app which is a tool for guided visualisations to explore the 11 aspects of consciousness.

In this blog I will be writing about autism and me and how my journey unfolds. As my life is reframed, I will share my revelations and lightbulb moments step-by-step. I will also be exploring questions as they arise in me.

I hope you will find it as insightful and helpful as the blogs I have been reading from other autists.

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